Friday, May 1, 2009

Post trip artwork

Phew! Now I'm back in NYC I got to finish up some drawings I didn't have time to while on the road. These drawings return back to my internal subject matter than drawing surroundings. (Please click on image to see the full size!)

I've had this image in my head for WEEKS and finally got to dump it out on paper. It's about how independence and loneliness seem to come hand in hand...well, at least that's how it feels to me. It's hard to find a balance.

I started this drawing by literally spitting whiskey on a blank piece of paper, then drawing on top of it. So I did sorta vomit it out. It's about bottling up thoughts and feelings for WEEKS without an outlet. ("Outlet" for me meaning my normal art-therapy drawings and people who I can be totally open with.) I love the acidic green color...and yes, after I threw this up I did feel a lot better.

This is airport hell. It only takes a couple hours to fly from Lisbon to Edinburgh but due to a canceled flight and an unexpected detour through Frankfurt, I spent 16 hours in various airports! And it was just an endless series of waiting in lines. You think you're done, but no...there's another line. Arrrgg!! (Notice how the figures evolve as they go though...) When I drew this out, I realized the people look like ants. Yup, that's what we felt like.

Scotland Pics

Me and my Scottish host, Jamie Rodger!

Exploring around Loch Lomond

Shenanigans in Glasgow with Jamie, Spanish Andrew, Brechin Dave, and Siobhan!

Mr Duck tyring vegetarian haggis

Haggis Pizza?!

Hello to our friend in Iceland!

(Here was the other picture taken in Iceland)

Kelvingrove Musuem

Doctor Who exhibit

The end of my stay in Glasgow

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Granada & Arcos Video

I love the beginning part of this video the most...

Madrid Video

Here finally is the video I made in Madrid...

Lisbon Street Art, etc.

"Pushing myself" copper etchings by Karat. In the Barrio Alto neighborhood of Lisbon, Portugal. (On Travessa Do Pocoda Cidade between Rua de Rosa and Rua de Atalaia) Please click on image to see full size.

Now, about my personal art...well, I didn't have time to do any! But I did crank out a couple drawn-gifts. This one was the card for my parents' 40th wedding anniversary. I'm rather proud of it... (And of them of course!)

And this is a little tour guide award I made for my brother since he basically was in charge of ALL our activities. He worked so hard planning everything! (In case you've never seen big tour groups in Europe, a lot of them use an umbrella or a handky on a stick to help keep the leader visable.)

Belem and Sintra Pics

These were side trips from Lisbon...First, here is Belem!
View from the Monument of the Discoveries:

The yummy Pastel de Belem

Monastery of Jeronimos

After the Coach museum...

And here are pictures from Sintra!
View from the National Palace...

The delightful Pena Palace

Lisbon Pics

Our last stop was Lisbon, Portugal!

I loved all the laundry hanging out to dry...

View from the Castle Sao Jorge...

Fado singer

Trying Ginjinha...